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A Better Future

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For almost ten years, communities of Wonji Gefersa, Sire Robi and Dibibisa kebeles of Adama woreda, Oromia region, have aspired for a better Wonji- Adama road. Because of the bad road condition, their movement has been limited, impacting their access to basic services.


The problem gets worse during the rainy season as the bumps, holes and floods block the way.


Without road access, rural communities face much greater obstacles in obtaining health, education and other social services. Provision of infrastructure has remained one of the formidable challenges for rural areas of Ethiopia in its endeavour towards socioeconomic development and poverty reduction (ERA, 2008).


A Citizen Report Card (CRC) survey conducted in 2022 by Noble Action Holistic Development (NAHD), one of the Ethiopia Social Accountability Program (ESAP) Implementing Partners, in the target woreda, reveals better road infrastructure as one of the citizen priorities.  


Thanks to Adama Woreda Social Accountability Committee for bringing the long-standing need to attention and action. The priority has now been incorporated in the Joint Action Plan (JAP), and  Adama Woreda Roads and Infrastructure Office has started constructing the road.


Being optimistic about the future, the communities are eagerly waiting for the completion.

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