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ESAP Implementing Partners in Tigray Receive PDT Training

VNG International provided a four-day Pre-disbursement Training (PDT) for Araya Women & Children Charitable Organization (AWCCO) and Alliance of Civil Society Organizations of Tigray (ACSOT), and their sub-partners to implement Ethiopia Social Accountability Program (ESAP3) in Tigray Region.

The training, organized in Mekelle from 26-29 June 2023 and attended by more than 40 participants, focused on Social Accountability (SA) cycle, awareness raising mechanisms, grant and financial management, gender and social inclusion, and psychosocial support and safeguarding, among others.

“We’re happy that ESAP is resumed in Tigray,” said Henok Kifle, Capacity Development Expert at VNG International, highlighting the contribution of the training for effective implementation.

Considering the impact of the recent war, the SA cycle is adapted to include situational analysis and restoration plan, where ESAP is expected to play an enormous role in the restoration and delivery of basic services in the region.

ESAP implementation primarily depends on SA cycle, which constitutes SA awareness and citizen mobilization, assessment of services, interface meeting and Joint Action Plan (JAP) formulation, alignment with woreda plan and budget, and monitoring JAP implementation.

In early June 2023, VNG International signed grant contractual agreements with the two Lead Partners (AWCCO and ACSOT) to implement ESAP3 in 20 woredas of the Tigray Region.

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