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National Learning Seminar Highlights SA Sustainability and Institutionalization

A national learning seminar, entitled “It is not by Chance: From Participation to Engagement”, was successfully conducted on 16-17 November 2023 at Harmony Hotel, Addis Ababa.

Aimed at exploring and sharing best social accountability (SA) experiences and learnings, the seminar brought together a total of 150 participants, drawn from the Ministry of Finance, World Bank, development partners, CSOs, implementing partners, Woreda Social Accountability Committees and stakeholders, among others.

In her opening remarks, Meskerem Girma, ESAP Team Leader and VNG International Ethiopia Representative, indicated the encouraging and collaborative move towards sustaining and institutionalizing social accountability in Ethiopia.

The seminar included presentations, plenary sessions, panel discussion, social accountability theatre and video documentary, among others. Sheger FM 102.1 “ማንን ምን እንጠይቅልዎ?” radio program host, Girma Fisseha also shared his program’s experience in bringing service users and providers together for improved public service delivery.

The two-day national learning seminar was concluded with concrete recommendations and actions on ways to sustain and institutionalize social accountability in Ethiopia.

ESAP3, being implemented by 75 local CSOs in 416 woredas throughout the country, is expected to phase out in May 2024.

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