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Radio Journalists Receive Training on SA

VNG International provided a two-day- training on media, social accountability (SA), gender and social inclusion for 40 radio journalists, currently working with Implementing Partners (IPs) of Ethiopia Social Accountability Program (ESAP), from 25-26 April 2023 in Adama town.

“We recognize the role of media in institutionalising social accountability, and we thank you for your remarkable contributions so far in facilitating dialogues between citizens, IPs and council representatives in Ethiopia,” said Mr. Sisay Getachew, ESAP Capacity Development Team Lead, during his opening remark, made on behalf of Mrs. Meskerem Girma, ESAP Team Leader.

As part of its strategy, ESAP considers media as a powerful tool to inform citizens about service standards, entitlements, social accountability process and Joint Action Plans (JAPs) agreed between citizen representatives and service providers, reinforcing citizens role in budget planning, implementation and monitoring.

The two-day-training, which aims to engage media as a key player in creating awareness on social accountability and service standards, included presentations, review of sample radio programs, field visits to identified citizens’ priorities and joint action plan formulation.

It is anticipated that the journalists will put into practice the lessons learned from the training and institutionalize SA in their media outlets.

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